Follow Your Arrow - Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves has proven she’s not just another pretty, pop face in country music. Her lyrics expose the less glamorous side of the country scene without being too redneck or too cliche. She’s as raw as Miranda Lambert, just slightly less aggressive than “Gunpowder and Lead.” This song is absolutely one that I consider a “life motto” jam: say what you think, love who you love, cause you just get so many trips ‘round the sun.”

Get Me Some of That - Thomas Rhett

There are a lot of country songs out right now that are basically saying, “Hey girl, you’re hot, let’s go drive around in my truck and get weird” (i.e. Friday Night, Chillin’ It, Up All Night, Wild in Your Smile). Obviously I love all these songs because they’re catchy, but this one has stuck out as my favorite for some reason. I think it’s the line “You’re shaking that money maker like a heartbreaker, like your college major was twisting and tearing up Friday nights.” This is the kind of song that makes me wish people actually liked country music and played it at parties. Luckily in North Dakota most people do…I just need to find some and become good enough friends with them so they’ll invite me to a party.

Down With Me - The X Ambassadors

I’m not sure why this is the only YouTube video I can find of this song, but regardless it’s fantastic. I discovered The X Ambassadors on Pandora one day and immediately loved their sound. They sound pretty similar to Imagine Dragon, with the hipster rock and vocal range.

Acapella - Karmin

Sorry for the delay in posting! This is the new one from Karmin. I love how she seamlessly flows from belting out with her amazing voice to rapping with serious skill. Girls got bars!! Nah but seriously, Karmin is a talented singer and I love her kick ass style. This one is sure to make you forget your ex/whoever else you need to forget.

The Motion - Drake ft. Sampha

I’ve always gone back and forth about Drake. I usually dig his R&B type stuff, but have a problem with most of his rapping. Probably because I grew up being obsessed with Degrassi and that didn’t exactly give him street cred. However, I came across this new song and I love it. The lyrics are surprisingly reflective and more mature than a lot of what we’ve seen from Drake. I’m impressed.

Tessellate - alt-J

Is it just me, or is England the current hub for fantastic and innovative music? I feel like every new song I discover and love is always from an English band/singer. While listening to alt-J over the weekend, someone described their sound as “hipster funeral”…which obviously gave me a good chuckle, but also is pretty true. They have a sound that is somehow simultaneously melancholy and uplifting. A really fascinating group that I would highly recommend checking out if you’re into alternative/indie rock music. 

Boy - Nina Nesbitt

Another great YouTube browsing find, I came across Nina Nesbitt after watching a few Ed Sheeran videos. While a lot of her songs involve a piano and softer melody, this song exhibits her knack for a laying a lyrical beat over a musical beat that don’t necessarily match up perfectly, but work out beautifully. If that makes sense? Regardless, definitely a singer/songwriter talent.

Drunk - Ed Sheeran

Although Ed Sheeran’s album came out two years ago, he is just starting to blow up now (especially opening for Taylor Swift on her Red tour). Not only is this song awesome, but it shows off his guitar, singing, and somewhat “rapping” skills. Plus, the music video is hysterical. Also - I’m pretty sure that girl is Nina Nesbitt, another rising star!

Favorite Song - Chance the Rapper (ft. Childish Gambino)

I had heard a few tracks from Chance before, but after listening to his entire mixtape about 100 times over Fourth of July weekend, I have a new appreciation for him. Wit, flow, and an interesting voice. This is one of the catchier songs from Acid Rap, and it has Childish Gambino which is awesome. “This my jam, this my jam…”

Aw Naw - Chris Young

Summer country drinking/party song. Enough said.